Inserting Images into Calc - Foreground / Background Issue

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    • Inserting Images into Calc - Foreground / Background Issue


      I am trying to work with images in Calc to use as backgrounds to text for highlighting and emphasizing. I can get the effects I want by placing the graphic over the cell I have my text in and then use the "Arrange - To Background" command to get the image behind the cell text. This works fine accept it seems to be a one way function. Once I have sent an image to the background, it's unselectable. The only way I have been able to get it back is to Undo the Arrange - To Background" command. If I need to move, resize or remove the graphic at a later time, I'm out of luck. I tried using Navigator to see if the graphic was still somewhere in the file but I couldn't find it. The Calc Help File show a "To Foreground" command but if you can't select the object, you can't use it. What am I missing?

      Please help.

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